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So it has been reported that Coach Rivers will now be coaching the clippers. The Celtics and Clippers have been in talks for a few weeks now with each side engaging in barter for positioning themselves for present and future success. I believe this is good for both teams hey the Celtics had their run but you knew soon as Ray Allen left no one was safe and the end was near. How does Rondo feel ? Think he has any tips for Cris Paul ? Respond let me know what you think


8 thoughts on “First post

  1. I imagine everyone in Boston is a bit hurt right now after losing Ray Allen last year and now Rivers and likely Garnet. It’s the issues of building an old team to win “right now”, eventually the old team can’t play anymore and you have to restart. Now the real question is, how long will it take coach killer Chris Paul to kick Rivers out of L.A?

      • He got several fired in New Orleans as well didn’t he? I think he didn’t like Del Negro so Del Negro was fired. I think Griffin and Jordan are largely overrated. Flashy, great dunks but not a very good overall game.

  2. This is good for Boston with the current roster they were not winning another conference title. With Rivers leaving and so to be Garnett this opens the door for their young player to evolve and shine. They had 2 fairly early 1st rd draft picks last year which should start to show their potential. Rondo will be a happy camper come start of the season.

  3. Facts but the combo of Doc and CP3 should be enough i mean Rondo didnt become rondo until Doc. As for the Celtics I see a long time before they return to championship glory.

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